What do we do?

All our clients want one thing:
Solve their problems permanently.
And quickly feel better again.

So that’s exactly what we do.
We (re)train your subconscious for success and solving your problems quickly.

With our bestsellers;
Swiss EMDR-Hypno™ Change Training for Business, Sales, Wealth, Health, en Sports.

The types of problems we’ve helped 1000’s of people like you are incredibly diverse.
Download the extensive list.

  • Matters relating to your personal performance
  • Communication and relationship problems
  • Behavioral change
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Insomnia
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Losing weight, and keeping it off
  • PTSD
  • Diet change
  • Anxiety control
  • Quit smoking. Quit vaping
  • 99% of stress and anxiety-related problems
  • (Dental) pain management
  • and much more!

What we don’t do?

  • Work with clients who are not 110% motivated to make a positive change.
  • Serious psychiatric or mental health problems.
  • Problems without psychological or emotional cause.
  • Anatomical-, organic abnormalities.
  • Medical problems are not examined and diagnosed by a qualified physician.
  • Our vision on your problems.
    Your behavior is the result of root causes anchored in your past, and patterns in your subconscious.
    100% out of reach for you.
    This applies to so many of the problems that people like you struggle with.
  • Your problem
    You want to achieve something, but you keep failing to reach your goal.
    It’s a tiring constant battle between your logical thinking and emotions, between your subconscious and consciousness.
    Your unconscious patterns and emotions always win!
    And you don’t even know what and where they are.
  • Your solution
    Connecting your subconscious and consciousness.
    So your conscious goals are no longer sabotaged by your subconscious.
    No fuzzy stuff.
  • We fix you fast.
    So your conscious goals are supported by your subconscious. Now you’re finally free of your fears and frustrations, your problems, and your pain.

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No need to struggle anymore.

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