Good preparation gives you a much better result!

1,000’s people who had previously prepared for the Swiss EMDR-Hypno™ sessions tell us their problems had been solved sooner.

And that’s exactly what you want!
So do we, because that’s how we keep our success rate at 95%.

Look in the mirror of your life.
Think. Check your feelings and take your time

What is this inventory?
The Alexaa inventory is designed to get you to start asking questions to examine and explore yourself, your behaviors, your motives, and your history.
These are questions you’ve probably never asked yourself directly, even though you’ve thought about or dealt with the issues that surround them.

Why is it important?
We all come to life with an emotional dowry that contains fears, anticipations, expectations, and your wounds, and your strengths.

The emotional dowry is learned in your past life, but it becomes second nature. pre-programmed patterns in your subconscious. In other words, your aspirations are based on what you had, what you didn’t have, what you wish to repair, and what you wish to repeat.

When you answer these questions it is like holding a mirror close up and looking at various parts of yourself. My hope is that by looking at them
without judgment or prejudice, you are able to take note of your challenges and to map the changes you’d like to make.

How should I use it?
This inventory is not a rigid exercise or something you score. I want you to explore each of these questions individually on your own time.
As you read through them, and begin thinking about the answers, circle the 2-3\ that are most relevant and start going back just to those because they hold the kernel of what is significant to you in becoming more self-aware about your life.