Online sessions

Why does 97% of our clients prefer online sessions?

  • Berkeley’s research found online sessions to be as effective as face-to-face.
    In 2019, no less than 97% of our clients preferred online sessions.
  • We experience an exploding interest in online sessions, Our clients tell us that they choose online because it makes them feel completely safe in every way.
  • Our online sessions give you the same professionalism and quality you’d expect from an in-office counselor, plus the ability to communicate when and how you want. You are free to choose from.
  • For excellent results, your computer or your phone with headphones will suffice. Completely from the safety and comfort of your home.
    If we can’t help you, no one can!

How effective and safe are Alexaa online sessions?
Our #1 priority is that you always feel safe.
This is the most important thing in our hypnosis sessions!
Our #2 priority is that you achieve the same wonderful results as in a live session.

In your first session, we will give you instructions on how to stay safe, whatever happens during the session.
For example, in the event that the connection is lost (which we still never have) you automatically go out of hypnosis, and you can pause or end the hypnosis session by yourself.
We continue as our connection is restored, or we make a new appointment.
Either way, you’ll always be safe, and you’ll feel safe.
You’re always in control..

Preparation. 2 steps.

  • Step 1. Your introductory conversation.
    After our first contact, we will plan a ZOOM online meeting or a telephone call.100% free of charge and without obligation. Your costs and chances of success are estimated.
  • Step 2. Booking your session.
    After booking your session you fill in the
    Treatment Agreement and sign it.
    Send the PDF version to
    You will then receive your invoice by e-mail.
    This is also your booking confirmation.
  • Step 3. Payment of your (ENG/NL) session.
    Please pay in advance, Cash, Tikkie, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, Creditcard, or invoice.
    When booking a session you agree to the Treatment Agreement
    and the Terms and Conditions
    After you have booked a session, completed the Treatment Agreement, signed and sent it back as a PDF to, you will receive your invoice which is also your confirmation by email.
  • Step 4. Your first session.
    Start with a good feeling.
    First session.
    We do NOT talk endlessly about your pain again.
    You will be treated immediately and notice immediate results.

Tips for your session.

  • For the best result use a computer, laptop, or tablet with stereo headphones.
  • Activate a free, ZOOM account.
  • Check the date we agreed.
  • Check prior to the session if your payment is approved.
  • Test your connection, image, and sound.
  • Set your computer, screen, and hard disk downtime to at least 2 hours.
  • Make sure you are not disturbed for 90 minutes.
  • Turn off other computer programs.
  • Silence all alarms and notifications.
  • Use a comfortable chair with armrests.
  • Go to the toilet beforehand.
  • Make sure you stay warm, use a blanket or coat.
  • Do not put your laptop on your lap.
  • Turn off notifications on your computer and phone.
  • Make sure your webcam clearly sees your face, shoulders, and chest.
    So, now you are ready to solve your problems online!