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Other professionals failed to help you?
We solve the root cause of your problems definitive and fast.
Since 2005 with Swiss Executive Coaching™.
Determined to make you successful both personally and in business.
Our only question is, are you?

Very high success percentage, face-to-face en online.
95% helped in 1-3 (NL/ENG) sessions in 2020.

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Do you also have trouble achieving what you want?
In your health, wealth, or relationships?
You know what to do, but (again) you don’t do it.
You accelerate and keep your foot on the brake.

You wonder
Why don’t I do what I know?
Am I not doing what I know is good for me?
Why do I feel like I’m busy?
‘driving on the roundabout’,
but don’t take an exit,
and get nowhere?
Sabotaging myself?

Your solution is simple!
Don’t feel like fussing anymore?
Breaking your patterns
and 100% concrete results?
STOP old skool, take the fresh 2021 approach.
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Alexaa helps professionals who want to get more out of themselves and their lives.
Because real change is your internal change.
And that is exactly our expertise.
With empathy for real results.

Trusted by the world’s smartest brands

Swiss Executive Coaching™ helped 1000’s with performance problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationships, allergies, quitting smoking, all kinds of fears and phobias, losing weight, chronic pain, (corona) stress, childhood problems, negative thoughts, and much more.

Why is Alexaa so successful since 2005?
1.Your problems are solved much faster than with other programs
2.It’s the best of Hypnotherapy, RTT, TCM, CT, NLP, CBT, and Psychotherapy, combined with deep direct delta hypnosis.
3. Specialized in business professionals.
4. Evening and weekend sessions are also possible.100% discretion with NDA.

Unconventional 2021 approach.
International registered and
very experienced.
And you’ll notice!
No vague fuss.
100% measurable results
No more endless talking.
You are always in control.

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What do we do?

With Rapid Change Training (RCT™)
Training your subconscious for success and quickly solving your personal problems. So that you can reach your goals faster and more easily. Why should I do this?
Because 95% of everything you do, your actions, your (business) results, and your life are controlled and determined by your subconscious (EQ). Only 5% by your conscious (IQ).

Our solutions are built on:
1. What brings the best results according to our clients!
2. What international successful politicians, CEO’s, top athletes, and the ‘rich and famous’ use.
3. Modern 2020 (neuro) science from international #1 universities, such as VU Amsterdam, Harvard, and Stanford.

International certified

Who we are?

We’re Alexaa
Swiss Executive Coaching™
Stay ahead of your competition.
We are a results-driven company with a drive to change lives everywhere. Specializing in online help for professionals. With 100% measurable results.
I.P. from VU AMS, Stanford, Harvard & leading authorities on evidence-based brain techniques to maximize the potential of your brain.
We (re)train your subconscious for greater success and rapid resolution of your problems.

I.P. from VU AMS, Stanford, Harvard & leading authorities on evidence-based brain (not opinions) techniques to maximize the potential of your brain.

Our roots
Alexaa’s roots are in the heart of Amsterdam. The Dutch top location for many international companies.
There we have been inspired by world-changing technologies.
As a result, every day we help more professionals lead better and happier lives.
We are proud to continue to be inspired by iconic companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, ZOOM, and Facebook.

Our mission statement
Accessible online professional final solutions for your health. So that anyone struggling with the challenges of life can get professional online or personal help.
We share I.P. of Mindvalley, Jay Shetty, and Dharr Mann.

If you share (y)our story, you can change lives too!

Your Alexaa team

We’re hypnosis and class-A clinical hypnotherapy experts.
Specialized in better online help for professionals.
All full of positive inspiring energy.
We’re all class-A internationally licensed, trained, experienced, class-A clinical hypnotists. All solidly educated and lots of hands-on experience in the business.
N.B. Marius is also a potential Nobel Prize winner in Behavioral Economics.

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