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Curious about our caring specialists?
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Everyone has their own background, but in the end, we all share the same passion:
Caring and solving your emotional-physical problems quickly!
And deliver you measurable results!

We´re your caring Alexaa team

We care. 💟 Clients say we’re better.
We offer worldwide EMDR0-Hypno based services for fixing your problems fast and making you feel better and alive like never before!
You’ve made an excellent choice to solve your pain and problems with our team and Alexaa´s Swiss EMDR-Hypno™.
Helping individuals and companies to be successful, that’s what energizes us!
It gives us great satisfaction when you, and those you love, can get the best out of themselves, instead of surviving every day.

1000’s before you changed their lives with us!
Your fastest way to feel better like never before!
Solid successful result-oriented business professionals.
Psychologists and internationally certified business hypnotists.
In addition, Marius is a potential Nobel Prize winner in Behavioral Economics!