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Book your session in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1.
    Introductory conversation.
    After our first contact, we will plan a ZOOM online meeting or a telephone call. 100% free of charge and without obligation. Your costs and chances of success are estimated.
  • Step 2.
    Booking your session.
    After booking your session you complete the
    Treatment Agreement and sign it.
    Send the PDF version to
    You will then receive your invoice by e-mail.
    This is also your booking confirmation.
  • Step 3.
    Your first session.
    Start with a good feeling.
    First session.
    Online or face-to-face. Whatever you like.
    We do NOT talk endlessly about your pain again.
    You will be treated immediately and notice immediate results.

Do you know how much time & money not solving your problems costs you?
Your start investment in solving your problems is
customization per 60 min. session and is excl. VAT

Always bear in mind
You can win back your lost money
You can never win back your lost time!

Betaling van de sessie(s).
Payment upon booking.
Cash, Tikkie, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, Creditcard of Factuur.
When booking a session you agree to the
Treatment Agreement and
General Terms and Conditions

How Swiss EMDR-Hypno™ works in simple steps!

2 steps to your solution

  1. Imagine your problem is a tree. The reason the tree is alive is the roots. Which you can not see.
    This Is exactly the same with the roots of your problems.
    They are rooted in your subconscious, your ‘operating system’ that controls 95% of your life.
    100% out of your awareness.
    They keep your problems alive 24/7 365 days a year.
  2. So now, think about what happens to the tree if we cut off the roots? 
    The tree dies, will fall over, and can never get back up again!
    And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with the roots of your problems. 
    We’re gonna cut off the roots of your pain and problems, so your problem dies.
    And then make positive changes in your ‘operating system’, the roots of your life.
    So you can grow a new tree, with new roots exactly as you want. Your life will never be the same!
  • What is Swiss EMDR-Hypno™ and how does it work?
    Alexaa does a special very fast and effective form of hypnosis; Deep Direct Delta Hypnosis.
  • Simply put.
    Hypnosis, simply put, is a way to go into a trance. When you are in hypnosis, a deeply relaxed state of your body and mind emerges, in which you are enormously focused at the same time.
    Hypnosis puts you in a different state of consciousness, in deep theta/delta brainwaves in your subconscious.
  • Why is this important to you?
    The quality of your subconscious your ‘programmed mind’ is the quality of your life!
    Did you know that every day 95% of your decisions, behavior, and results come from your subconscious, your emotional database, your ‘programmed mind’?
    So the quality of your current life is the ‘print out’ of the quality of your subconscious!
  • Swiss EMDR-Hypno™ is not mind control.
  • You’re always in control.
  • You can’t be hypnotized into doing things against your will. You are always completely safe.
  • We can’t control you. On the contrary, we give you more control over your own mind!
  • Your subconscious patterns are causing your problems. That’s where all the answers to your problems and success blockages are stored.
    Unattainable to you and your consciousness.
  • Hypnosis is a 100% natural and safe process and has been used since 2600 B.C. to change lives, mindset, perceptions, and behavior.
  • Scientifically recognized by leading authorities, universities, and experts as a safe healing tool for medical and psychological problems.

What do you think?
Are you in control of your life*?
Are you running your life with your conscious mind?
Or are you running your life with your subconscious programs and patterns?
Did you know, that only 5% of the day you are using your conscious mind’s goals and desires!
95% of your day, your life is coming straight out of your programs and patterns in your subconscious.
Programs and patterns, you didn’t even know they are there!
*G. Zaltman is Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School

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