Young professional coach, age group 20-35 years. 
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Rogier is a sportive and disciplined young professional who has always been involved in sports and finding a balance between body soul and mind from an early age.
He’s just like you struggling every day to find motivation and solutions to get the best out of himself. 
Back in the days he was that annoying school kid who didn’t listen and skipped classes.
It was hard for him to control himself when there was an external issue triggering his unprocessed emotional issues.
After a while, he noticed that this wasn’t working and started to read about tips and tricks to be a better person. From meditation, yoga, to sports to let out the energy, to get into contact with his real issues. After all Rapid Change Training™ helped the most.

Now he is experienced in performing under pressure because he always looked for the best way to do this. At best in boosting performance in crises and pressure situations.
He noticed that his emotions predominated because he was less aware of his subconscious. Becoming aware and being aware of (unconscious) emotions, and being able to deal with them, has greatly helped him to function better in his private relationships, work, and life. He teaches you how to take control of your life.

Rogier is enjoying daily life with lots of sports to support mental and physical health. By doing so he gets the best out of himself, so he can be an inspiring example for others. He always learns his skills from the #1 experts in the world and top-level universities.
For about ten years now he has been learning how to help himself and started to teach/show others how to do it and get results fast.
Because he loves to save you time and money.

If you feel good as an individual, then you can also run your organization better.
On a commercial level, he likes to share his experience to boost life and also get more out of your organization.
Rogier is at best with the 20-35 year age group.

Work and career.
Has a bachelor’s degree in sports and health management, complemented by a growth hacking course. This enables him to move quickly from a problem to a sustainable solution.

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