Sr. Clinical Business Hypnotist.
Founder Alexaa Official Hypnosis for Business™.

Like you, daily experiencing struggles, making countless fuck-ups, feeling vulnerable, and desperate! And got out, over and over again. ‘Warm heart, Sharp brain’ My mission in life is to help people like you out of ‘the Matrix’. Escaping the energy suckers, removing unconscious blockages, and giving you an empowering mindset. 

Michiel is happily married, is proud to have 2 beautiful sons. Has inspiring positive energy and result oriented enthusiasm.
‘When I see people it’s not because they’re at their best, I see them because they need help with brain-body issues.’ Michiel loves mental-, and physical fitness and beliefs balancing head & heart is key to top performance and happiness.
He is at best with people who tried everything to solve their problems and nothing works.

Work and career.
Michiel is a (business) Psychologist, a practical guy, with a solid education and business experience in Management, (online) Sales Marketing, and HR. At best in boosting performance in crises and pressure situations.
Is also Int. Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and life-management coach. A C-level business insider. He is not special and learned by struggling, just like you. Because time is all you have, his focus is on fast results, no squishy stuff.

He co-authors the Alexaa Rapid Change Training™ programs with his business partner Marius. All are solidly grounded in modern science/ positive psychology from world-leading experts and #1 international top-level universities like VU Amsterdam, Harvard, and Stanford.
Proven to be effective at individuals and organizations.
Spent years studying human behavior on the subconscious level and has gained a deep understanding of patterns that makes people respond and react. He specializes in fast fix solutions (1-3 sessions) relating to your personal-, and business life for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Michiel is at best in fast-paced environments. 
Boosting performance, connecting head & heart, goal achievement, work-person congruence, personal-, and career transitions, purpose, and meaning of life.

Contact Michiel
06-18 972778