Sr. Clinical Business Hypnotist.
Founder Alexaa Official Hypnosis for Business™.

Dr. Marius Rietdijk works as an assistant professor of behavioral change at the Free University of Amsterdam and Co-author of all Official Hypnosis for Business™ programs.
He holds 3 masters in psychology and holds a Ph.D. in business economics and has many years of experience in guiding organizations and business leaders in optimizing performance. 
BNR Newsradio invites Marius regularly on their shows.
A potential Behavioral Economics Nobel prize winner.

Work and career.
Marius is a European pioneer in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) that focuses on measurable result improvement in organizations through positive reinforcement.
He is also the scientific director of VU-ADRIBA, the only expertise center in Europe, focused on guiding business executives in the (OBM). He specializes in fast fix solutions (1-3 sessions) related to your personal, and business life for individuals, teams, and organizations.
Has successfully completed many practical training courses, including behavioral therapy,  hypnosis, NLP, yoga, and meditation.

Marius uses his knowledge, skills, and a positive mindset to make the world better and people happy, the best way to stay happy. In his spare time, Marius loves magic and is a film lover.
Alexaa Rapid Change Training combines all the qualities of Marius with the unique qualities of his business partner Michiel Seegers in order to exceed your expectations.

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